Why you should read my blog

Nick Lowe: I read a lot (2011)

I read a lot1

I keep up to date with online stuff so that you don’t have to. The internet is a fast moving place, trends come and go, and it is difficult to know what to bother learning about. Our brains have other more important things to know about, why waste time investigating things if it is not your thing? Let me do it and report back here.

To read tags for more info

At the end of each blog post should be general tags about the topic in the post. If you need to dig deeper, click on the tags to get to the archive of all posts with those tags. It’s a great way to get more knowledge about the specific subjects of interest to you without wasting time on what is less important.

Chip in

Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions or make any comments as necessary.  (Even if it is just about my choice of accompanying music where relevant).

Happy reading!

  1. I Read a Lot is a song by Nick Lowe, which can be viewed on Youtube. It is from the album The Old Magic (2011).