When you design and maintain your own website you could be saving thousands of dollars. If you’ve approached web designers for a quote and found that it is beyond your budget, there is another option. With one-on-one tuition, it need not be expensive to make your entrance into the sweet place of the World Wide Web.

You can save money on ongoing web maintenance, occasional changes or regular revamps when you bypass a web designer and do it yourself.

Give away fewer hard-copy handouts and brochures by promoting your website where all company information is available and easily able to be updated. You can save money on printing and postage when you put your newsletters online as a blog while showing off your industry expertise globally.

Whatever level of computer literacy or computer confidence you are at, tuition is tailored to suit you. Tuition is one-on-one, on your computer, with instructions written as you learn for you to keep. Often video tutorials are also available.

And it does not stop there. If anything that we cover does not sink in, or you need clarification of the notes or videos we provide, you can call, email or Skype and you’ll be talked through it to get back on track.

Designing and updating your own website or online shop gives you the freedom to alter your online presence whenever you need to, instantly. Why waste your time making an appointment to see your web developer every time you need to add a hyperlink, add a product to your shop, place a Facebook advertisement or promotion or make other small changes to your site? Having your altered website live on the internet can be as quick as it takes for you to make the changes you require, any time of the day or night.

Take lessons, take ownership of your online presence and cut your web development costs.