How to write emails to your customers

Learn how to grow your email list in less than 4 hours with step-by-step, expert guidance in six short and simple lessons.

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How to do facebook and melt your clients’ hearts

We used to have two cats which we would leave in a local cattery when travelling. When we first started using the cattery, there was just the one cat, and the cattery consisted of a purpose built structure in the backyard of a cat-loving couple’s urban property.  When it was new, sometimes my cat would… Continue Reading

Epic fail! How to learn from the mistakes of another

Imagine it, you spend almost $1000 to take a ferry, then drive for hundreds of miles to attend a workshop you booked and paid for online at a well-known eco institute. The irony of the petrol use is not lost on you, but it is a cause you really believe in with information that could… Continue Reading

Making the internet a sweet place for your business

So, you have a website – now what? Is it about as effective as a billboard in a forest? In other words, do people find it, pay attention to it, take action? What do you even want it to do for you? The raisin d’être of your website should have been decided on at the… Continue Reading

Best kind of contact with your clients

Online businesses need not do everything the same way. Websites are not necessarily always essential, some businesses have Apps which are effective for their businesses, whereas others have no use for them whatsoever. Some businesses use Facebook pages to their maximum potential, creating communities, using Facebook advertising to promote posts and get people to take… Continue Reading