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From Thomas Dolby & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fieldwork, Music Video, 1985

Field Work. 1

Sweet Place is one of the original New Zealand-based web development companies (originally nzwebs.com founded in 1999) which has rebranded in April 2017 to take into consideration and utilise the many new tools which are available for use with e-commerce, internet marketing and online networking, with the intention of really making our clients’ experience of being in this online place a sweet experience.

Our approach is still holistic, helping you to plan for the best use of the internet for your business (and budget). From the start and on an ongoing basis, we help the small business, club, individual, organisation, family or start-up wanting a sweet place on the World Wide Web.  We don’t expect you to know all the technical jargon, that’s where we come in.  Just tell us what you want, who your clients are or let us help you figure that out.

Just a little about me (Jules):

I have a background in design, including the design of the fonts JulesLove2 and jules-te-reo3 and have been a supplier of artwork from one of my first websites since 1999.  Presently I also enjoy surface pattern design which is available to buy online.  I am happy to share my experience of this with anyone who asks!  I’m also always delighted to talk gardening with fellow gardeners.

If you read more of my blog, you’ll also notice I am a big fan of music especially New Zealand artists and music from the 70s (in particular soul) and 80s (a wide variety). Why do I tack music videos and trivia to some of my blog posts? Because it is my blog – and I can. I think all website owners can enhance their online presence if they stamp their own personalities on their sites. This is just my way of making my blog my idea of a Sweet Place, I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Field Work is by Japanese genius, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Thomas Dolby. Watch on Youtube. It is from the exceptional album Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia.
    I really love how Ryuichi Sakamoto is so thoughtful about what he does. Small details are important, never insignificant. I share his philosophy in my own (field) work about aspects of design, including web design.
  2. JulesLove has been widely seen online and offline including on clothing worn by singer Madonna during her Sticky and Sweet tour
  3. jules-te-reo was originally called juleswriting, based on Jules’ actual handwriting. It was one of the first hand-written fonts with Maori macrons and the name of it was then changed to jules-te-reo