Sweet Place is one of the original New Zealand-based web development companies (founded in 1999) who have rebranded in April 2017 to take into consideration and utilise the many new tools which are available for use with e-commerce, internet marketing and online networking, with the intention of really making our clients’ experience of being in this online place a sweet experience.

Our approach is still holistic, helping you to plan for the best use of the internet for your business (and budget). To do this, we must consider your market, determining who you want to communicate with and what you want to tell them or sell to them and can involve consideration of such issues as your domain name where choosing an effective website address may or may not include your business name; feedback, inquiry forms or methods of contact which suit your customers’ needs best; careful planning of the content and layout of each web page for maximum impact; and ongoing internet marketing or networking to reach and/or engage with your people wherever they may be in the world.

You can be assured that once you accept the web plan and quote we initially provide for you created to your specifications, your site will be designed and uploaded promptly.  Generally you should allow up to four days per page for the design-to-upload process if your site is a CMS (Content Management System, such as WordPress).  If you have an online shop, such as one at Shopify, this process depends on a number of factors and expected delivery time will be predicted accordingly.

We provide a full web site and social media maintenance service, for regular changes and updates, as well as website revamps whenever necessary to keep your brand fresh.

We can also coach you in maintaining your web presence, including social networking and online marketing which includes advertising such as using google keywords and advertising for high search engine placement or, for example, targeted Facebook, or other advertising. If you need to cut costs, or would prefer to have more input into your website, we can offer one-on-one tuition on your own device and usually provide video tutorials to refer to. At any stage we are available for further coaching or questions. Telephone and email back-up is always free.

From start to finish, we help the small business, club, individual, organisation, family or start-up wanting a sweet place on the World Wide Web.  We don’t expect you to know all the technical jargon, that’s where we come in.  Just tell us what you want, who your clients are or let us help you figure that out.