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Your business or organisation can have a sweet place online if it is done right! You’ve come up with a great idea, and we are here to help you get started and run with it. Or maybe you have the business or organisation but have no idea how to use the internet and its vast array of resources to promote it and further serve your clients online.

You need the right online tools and strategy to suit your brand and most importantly, to suit the people you are trying to reach, who are all using different pockets of the web. There is no need for alarm; you can easily find them and we will show you how while keeping you up to date with online trends and latest user-friendly developments.

As the internet is a fluid environment, to only have a website is no longer enough. However there is no need to be overwhelmed. The internet is part of the age of automation.

It would not be a Sweet Place if you were left high and dry without support. As well as being affiliated with the best there is available, our tuition services cover everything you need to know to run the online aspect of your business.